Company Profile

Canada Optical Laboratories Ltd. is a manufacturer of ophthalmic prescription lenses established in 2004 in Accra, Ghana. The company distributes its products across West Africa and has 400 customers in 10 countries. The company offers a unique blend of products to suit both the optical and financial needs of the customers.

Canada Optical produces over 200,000 prescription lenses annually.

The company’s core strengths and competencies that make it the leading supplier of prescription lenses are:

  • Superior, state of the art equipment and technology to produce high quality lenses
  • Quick turnaround time-same day delivery
  • Quality products based on North American optical standards for lens production and dispensation
  • Consistent and well-coordinated marketing strategies
  • A wide distributor network across West Africa
  • A professional, business oriented, and socially responsible business
  • Consistent high-quality training for employees 
  • High quality management, experienced and knowledgeable staff 
  • All-inclusive service

Canada Optical offers a wide range of lenses as patients have different prescriptions, different visual challenges and different lifestyles.

In 2016, Canada Optical became the leading source of ophthalmic equipment and optical equipment and products. The company offers a wide selection of both for eye care professionals.

The company’s operations generate skilled employment and play a significant role in the overall development of the eye care industry.

Platinum Sponsor

The Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Optometric Association, 2017

Diamond Sponsor

The Annual General Meeting of the Ghana Optometric Association, 2016

Major Sponsor

The 12th African Council of Optometry Conference (AFCO), 2012

Major Sponsor

First Joint Conference of Eye Care Professional Groups in Ghana

Honorable Citation

Outstanding Leadership in the Prescription Lens Manufacturing Industry – The Optometric Association of Ghana (O.A.G)

Honorable Citation

Outstanding Service in the Optical Industry in Ghana – The Ghana Optical Technicians Association

Bronze in the Category of Health Care

The 8th Ghana Business and Financial Services Excellence Awards

Mission/Vision Statement

Our mission is to become the leading provider of ophthalmic lenses to professional eye care dispensers. To supply our customers with quality lenses that will provide their patients with the best comfort, visual acuity and the best appearance available.